Lairs: Build Your Lair, then Defend It With Your Life

Created by Sean, Zack, Alex, and Pat

A great power lies deep in the earth. A band of heroes, monsters, and royalty race for it. Can you claim it? If so, can you keep it?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Last Minute Poll
about 2 years ago – Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 09:08:53 PM

Hi All, 

We are finalizing a lot last minute choices as we prep for the printers.  As we were doing so we had a question, and realized rather than make the decision on our own. Why don't we ask you folks? 

One of the most important parts of Lairs are the Legacies. This is the prize that players fight for early in the game, and then the basis for how the second half of the game plays out as the other players storm their Lair. 

The concern we have, is the term Legacy (which is what we have used so far during development) is used a lot lately in reference to legacy games, such as Risk Legacy, Pandemic Legacy and Seafall.  

On one hand we still love the term, and feel it fits the concept well, but on the other we don't want to mislead folks prior who might read into it the wrong way. So we figure a quick poll between continuing the term Legacy, or a new term Boon.  

Let us know what you think on this poll


Sean, Zack, Alex and Pat

Printing Schedule
over 2 years ago – Sun, Feb 05, 2017 at 09:09:06 PM

Hi Backers, 

We wanted to take a quick second to give you a heads up on where we are at in our production timeline. 

As you know we took a little more time to do some extensive testing with all of the added content from the stretch goals. We should be finishing this process during February, and sending everything out to the printers during this month, or very early in March.  

Print times and shipping issues do arise, but we are excited to go to the presses, which will give us much more precise dates on shipments to you folks. Our current projections for turnaround from the printers are between 8 and 10 weeks after they recieve the files. Then the games and other rewards head out from our fulfillment centers to you.  Digital rewards, like the final print and play, will be available when we send our files to the printers (of course the Beta print and play is still available currently).

Thanks for all your help, comments, patience and enthusiasm.  We will touch base later this week with some more game component news, and a few more illustration previews.  

Sean, Zack, Alex and Pat

Check out the next new Character
over 2 years ago – Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 06:20:05 PM

Hi all, 

Two quick updates: 

First, thanks to all the folks who stopped out and tested The Summoner's Circle legacy with us! Every session gets us closer to a more polished final product, and we are close!  No specific dates yet, but we are moving along thanks to your support. 

Second, we are excited to reveal the next new Character: 

The First Among the Bodiless

There was a time when the First Among the Bodiless and its brethren knew only liberty. They were unchecked by doors, gates, walls, or the will of lesser beings. The Bodiless where not base creatures of matter and rigid form, and neither was their domain. They drifted where they would, took what they wanted and lived with the unlimited freedom that their kind deserved. Stopping them was an impossibility, they were a mere fact of life.  

But the creatures of the lower planes saw that impossibility as a challenge. Those devilish men and their seemingly pitiful magics conspired to bind the Bodiless, and they started, as can be expected, with the First.  

They cast their unreal nets, their impossible hooks and snared the First into a wretchedly impenetrable box. This they hid away in a vault the depths of the Mountain. Trapped in its prison for a near eternity the First can only assume a similar fate befell the rest of the Bodiless.

But the Bodiless are forever, and foolish creatures have breached the vault of The First while digging out their lairs. Assuming it held some treasure, they opened the box that was his cell. Overwhelming them had been simple, and the First flowed past and through them, leaving their bodies in his wake.  

Now it stalks the Mountain, its only task to seek its comrades and release them, and if it finds other objects of power along the way, well then all the better.

Also I am excited to say that next week we will shoot out the last of the New Characters, the Lord of No Particular Name. 

See you soon, 


Happy Holidays!
over 2 years ago – Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 08:09:12 PM

Hi All,

As requested we are checking in, both to wish you a great holiday season, and to note how perfect this hat fits. Right? 

 Aside from Photoshopping hats onto cave people, we have been working on a few other things. We are still doing public testing, in fact you can join us January 8th in our sweet home Columbus, OH, at the one and only Tabletop Cafe!   

We are trying our best to get the game ready as soon as possible, but as we mentioned we certainly will err on the side of a better game that takes longer to complete! Thanks for being understanding. 

Also remember you have a 25% off coupon of any of our games if you buy them through our Amazon page, using the code WEloveKS.

Last here is a sneak peek at the next character, the Lord of No True Name, a master craftsman inspired the suggestions of our backer Carlos Teel! 

See you all soon! 

Want to playtest Lairs with Sean and Pat?
over 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 07:41:24 PM

Hello Backers, 

This Sunday Sean and Pat will be at Tabletop Game Café for their Game Designers Meet-Up Event from 2 to 6. 

While there we will be playtesting Lairs, including two of most recent designed Legacies: The Summoner’s Circle and the Turning Cloak.    

Tabletop is Columbus’s newest board game café, and a product of Kickstarter too. We are super excited that they are having us out! It's a great space, they have food, drink, and a fantastic game selection. 

So if you are a Central Ohioan, or have a lot of airline miles saved up for last minute board game playtest events stop on by! 

See you there! 

Sean, Zack, Alex, and Pat