Lairs: Build Your Lair, then Defend It With Your Life

Created by Sean, Zack, Alex, and Pat

Lairs: Build Your Lair, then Defend It With Your Life
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A great power lies deep in the earth. A band of heroes, monsters, and royalty race for it. Can you claim it? If so, can you keep it?

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

9 days ago – Mon, Oct 09, 2017 at 07:52:48 PM

We promised the next update would be about "freight and fulfillment", and would be sent "once our pallets were en route to the Shengen port". 

We're sorry to break that promise by only sharing a photo...

... a beautiful, wonderful photo taken by our printer before they start packing everything up and preparing pallets for their long voyage to you.

Yours Excitedly,
Alex, Sean, Pat

The light at the end of the Production Tunnel
20 days ago – Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 08:27:21 PM

We are now nearing the end of the production process!

This past month saw a handful of mundane back-and-forths, including the current issue of adjusting the plastic mold size (produced by *another* manufacturer in China) so that it falls somewhere between uselessly loose and unusably tight. Hopefully we'll get that wrapped up this week. 

I know I mentioned it last update, but maaaaaaaaaaan it would be nice to have someone in China who could oversee this process, speak Chinese, and work in that time zone. But we're getting there. And soon, the games will be, too. 

We didn't have any interesting progress pictures to send, so instead you're seeing one of the first image search results for "Chinese National Day Golden Week". Apparently, it's a big holiday that's scheduled for all next week. A lot of businesses will be closed, including our printer.

Next update: talking about the exciting world of freight and fulfillment! Stay tuned; once our pallets are en route to the Shengen port, we'll give some more details about how these games will get from China to your mailbox. 


Alex, Sean, Pat

The Production Process
about 2 months ago – Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 08:07:31 PM

Hi All,

There's not a ton to update you on this month; the production process is continuing as expected, and we're addressing items as they come up.

For example, just this week we sent some new files over to correct a color issue that looked fine on the proof sheets (left) but not so fine on the final product (right):

Now we certainly could have approved as-is, but we felt that correcting the difficult-to-read text on the right side was worth the added time/cost to reprint those sheets. All producers have to make these decisions in the production process -- do you halt the print run, or accept the defect and ship?

And this is exactly why it takes sooooo long to produce stuff overseas. You know those oddly satisfying factory machine videos, where things are cut, shaped, filled, and packaged automatically? 

That's not how board games, or most things manufactured in China for that matter, are produced -- it's a very hands-on, labor intensive process. Sure, there are some machines that help a bit with cutting and collating things like cards... but the rest is all done by hand.

Because of this, it takes weeks to get on the "production schedule" (they have to make sure their staff is available to assemble things), and interruptions like this can take a week or two to correct (they have to pack-up the "assembly area" and reschedule the production).

But the good news is it's in progress, and the fact that the printer is catching and sending us these defects is great to see; this should translate into a high-quality, final product.


Alex, Sean, Pat

In Production!
3 months ago – Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 06:52:21 PM

We’ve hit another exciting milestone! 

Moments ago, I sent an international wire transfer to our printer in China… which means they can finally begin production. Instead of a sharing a screenshot of the transfer record, how about a picture of what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks?  


That is Pat holding a proof sheet, sent from our printer a while back. And while you probably can’t tell from the picture, there isn’t enough contrast between the yellow background and white text on some of the cards. And this is why we wanted to proof it first; on the PDF that you all reviewed (on monitor and printed off) it seemed fine, but at this particular printer… not so much.

There were a few other small issues; the plastic tray was a little too tight in some places, and too loose in others. Both sides of the character cards were glossy, while only one should have been. Nothing major, and very easy to miss in specification (especially with the language barrier) but they were the kind of things that get frustrating when you own a game.  That said, we’ve resolved those to our satisfaction, which is why we wired payment the printer to begin production.  

From here, they will begin printing, assembling, bagging, shrinkwrapping, packaging – and eventually put them on a couple palates, and send them off to warehouses for fulfilment to you! We will be pestering them for pictures and updates along the way, and share them as soon as we hear back.

Thanks again for supporting Lairs, and it feels great to be in the homestretch.

Origins and Print and Play!
4 months ago – Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 09:12:37 PM

 Hey all,  

First off it was great to meet some of you fine folks at Origins Game Fair!

We are pretty bad at remembering to take pictures, but Sean and Pat got to pose for at least a few shots with the wonderful backers below. Also, we wanted to say thanks to all of our lovely volunteers.

Pat almost had his eyes open.
Pat almost had his eyes open.

 If you stopped by the booth, you might have seen our Print & Play copy all setup! That’s right, the Print & Play is ready for backers. You should have (or will soon) receive an email from BackerKit with download instructions.  

From there just print it out and send us your pics! We suggest printing on cardstock if you can swing it, but regular paper will work as well. Let us know if you have any trouble.  

As for the actual print run, we are pleased to say everything is with the print shop and being worked on. More specifics to come.  

Happy Lairsing  

Sean, Alex, Zack, and Pat